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What is Fortified?

  • FORTIFIED Roof requires multiple layers of defenses to prevent a cascade of damage that can start at the roof and impact the integrity of the entire structure during high winds.
  • The building standard focuses on three areas proven to help homes withstand EF-2 tornadoes and Category 3 hurricane winds:
    • Stronger connections to hold the roof onto the house
    • Reinforced edges to protect one of the roof’s most vulnerable areas
    • A sealed roof deck to prevent rain from entering the home, even if shingles are lost
  • For homes in hail-prevalent areas, FORTIFIED provides industry-leading guidance on choosing upgraded shingles, tested to resist 2” hail.
  • Investing a few hundred extra dollars, when replacing your roof, can save you thousands in damage later. More importantly, it can reduce the possibility of significant damage that

Helpful Hints to Hire a Contractor

Find a Professional Remodeler

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Find a Credentialed Building Professional

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Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

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How to Choose a Home Builder 

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Take the “CON” out of Residential Contracting

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