• Legislative News

  • The Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans staff and members lobby and monitor local, state, and federal legislation to ensure that our members’ business interests are well-represented and protected. We are proud of our legislative and regulatory efforts and accomplishments on behalf of the membership and the residential construction industry. 



    05/07/20- City Council passed ordinance 32,935 by Councilmembers Willaims and Nguyen, which allows nonpermeable non-residential off-street parking, if the nonpermeable pavement is subject to a city-approved stormwater management plan.  

    • Background: The Council passed legislation in late 2019, that mandates the use of permeable pavement in all non-residential off-street parking. 
    • Key Takeaway: If you're substantially improving nonpermeable pavement, you will not be required to install permeable pavement, if you have a city-approved stormwater management plan. 
    • Read the legislation:  here.




    03/05/20- City Council passed motions M-20-79 and M-20-80, which placed an interim zoning district (IZD) over an area of Uptown bounded by S. Carrollton, S. Claiborne, St. Charles and Broadway. The IZD requires that for each additional bedroom added to a dwelling unit, an additional parking space is required.

    • The motion now goes to the City Planning Commission, which will review and make recommendations on balancing the institutional, residential and commercial needs in that area.
    • We testified against this because it adds unnecessary costs and regulations to new construction and renovations. Watch testimony here
    • Read legislation here.

    12/05/19 - The Council passed motion M-19-498, which will place an interim zoning district (IZD) over the French Quarter to limit building height to 50ft.

    • Overview: This motion is twofold - the IZD will limit building height to 50ft in the French Quarter and the CPC will conduct a public hearing and study to determine in the current 50ft building height allowance is inappropriately high for for the predominately residential district. 
    • Status: In City Planning Commission
    • If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.  
    • Read ordinance here


    12/18/19- The Council adopted the Terrytown Revitalization Plan, which seeks to encourage residential development.

    • Overview: The HBAGNO, Jefferson Parish Council, NOMAR, Tulane Architecture School, JEDCO, and other stakeholders worked on this initiative to help revitalize Jefferson Parish's aging housing stock. 
    • Status: Sent to Parish President
    • Read ordinance here
    • Watch ordinance video here (we testify around 10-minute mark).


    12/02/19 - The St. Charles Council passed an ordinance that amended the subdivison regulations to allow for other subsurface drainage methods.

    • Overview: this amendment will allow developers more flexibility when installing drainage (i.e. using "roll overs"), which must be approved by Public Works. 
    • Status: Sent to President Cochran 
    • Read ordinance here