• Cyber Attack & COVID-19 Response

    Cyber Attack Incident and COVID-19 Response Update for

    One Stop Shop Online Public Accessibility

    NEW ORLEANS — Beginning today, certain types of permits and licenses may once again be applied for on the One Stop App public portal. Link here: http://onestopapp.nola.gov.


    These include building permits, sign permits, trade permits (including electrical and mechanical permits), and some permits related to streets and sidewalks.These permits, as well as other permit and license types, may still be applied for by email at the following addresses:

    If the permit or license type you require is not available as a web application, you can find downloadable applications and instructions on how to email them to us by finding your permit or license type at http://nola.gov/onestop/.


    Payments for all permit and license types remain online through the One Stop App. If you have questions about filing applications or making payments online, check http://nola.gov/onestop/help-with-the-one-stop-app/.


    Any additional questions can also be sent to the listed email addresses or you can call One Stop at (504) 658-7125.


    (Note: If you are a Class A Electrical, HVAC, or Fuel/Gas license holder and do not see the permit types your license allows you to apply for, please email tradelicenseinfo@nola.gov. Licenses that were issued or renewed after the Dec. 13, 2019, cyber attack incident may not have been updated in the database yet.)