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  • The HBA is proud of our legislative and regulatory efforts on behalf of the membership and the home-building industry. HBA staff and members lobby and monitor local, state, and federal legislation to ensure that our members’ business interests are well-represented and protected.


    The Louisiana Home Builders Association, Louisiana Realtors, New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS, Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, Apartment Association of Greater New Orleans, and many others worked in conjunction to pass SB 462 by Sen. Martiny to protect and grow the home building industry in Louisiana.

    But It is regrettable that Governor Edwards, by vetoing SB 462, has turned his back on thousands of Louisiana housing industry professionals (developers/builders, trades subcontractors, materials suppliers, housing finance lenders, realtors, apartment owners, and home insurers) who create safe, affordable shelter and good-paying jobs, while injecting millions of dollars into Louisiana’s economy.

    Given the fact that so many of these Louisiana-based construction and trades companies are mom-and-pop owned businesses, unwarranted added regulatory costs, such as mandatory inclusionary zoning, will either have a chilling effect on new home construction and renovation, or increase the costs of housing beyond many of our citizens’ reach.

    Mandatory inclusionary zoning policies, which SB 462 sought to curtail, have never been, nor will they be, a generator of affordable housing units on any meaningful scale. Such policies make no economic sense and often actually increase housing costs while tamping down construction. By enabling mandatory inclusionary zoning statewide, Governor Edwards’ veto now threatens to stall viable affordable housing construction opportunities in many of our cities and communities.

    Contrary to the statements in the governor’s veto message, SB 462 would not have precluded local governments from utilizing voluntary development incentive packages, nor would it have adversely impacted federal financing programs. Regrettably, Governor Edwards was misinformed, and misled, as to the actual intent and reach of SB 462.




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  • The HBAGNO Political Action Committee is dedicated to supporting office holders who support the integral role played by home construction, both to our community, and our economy. The HBAGNO PAC seeks to promote quality, affordable housing; promote ethical and professional standards for the industry; and act as a responsible citizen through active community involvement.


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  • BUILD-PAC, or Builders United in Legislative Decisions Political Action Committee, is the political action committee of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). BUILD-PAC is bipartisan – supporting both Democrats and Republicans – and helps elect qualified pro-housing, pro-business candidates to federal office.

  • A coalition of members throughout the state work together at the capitol on behalf of their members back home. Members and staff work during legislative session to monitor and ensure no new laws are passed to negatively affect the residential construction industry.