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New Orleans Education League of the Construction Industry
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The New Orleans Education League of the Construction Industry (NOEL) provides and shares the expertise of industry professionals affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans by providing cutting edge information, comprehensive education, research, and charitable offerings and services to the building industry, related industries, consumers and the broader public for matters through its unique 501(c)(3) non-profit corporate structure.
       Hundreds of building industry and related businesses, thousands of consumers/buyers and the broader public in the Gulf South Region are in need of residential building industry education, research and charitable offerings. New Orleans Education League of the Construction Industry (NOEL) plans to provide services and programs to help these targeted groups succeed, be profitable or be smart consumers in today’s changing marketplace. Especially in difficult market conditions we will focus our attention on the latest market trends and developments, and alternatives to the traditional way business has been conducted that need to be taken advantage of and disseminated to the building industry, related businesses and consumers in a professional and comprehensive manner.
NOEL is now positioned to become a cutting edge provider and primary source in our targeted areas for professional education and certifications, pursuit of government funding in disaster relief and preparedness, green building and energy efficiency programs, industry research and other initiatives in the following ways:
  • Provide a comprehensive offering of training and education, plus some curricula development and partnerships for the broader region’s building industry and related industries.
  • Offer significant outreach/education/management programs to consumers, broader public, media and government;
  • Offer service and access to industry participants for study and piloting purposes;
  • Pursue affordable housing and other grant programs and related consulting to become a not-for-profit (NFP) partner with contractors to enhance their ability to compete for housing grants in lieu of existing NFP’s or in partnership with others;
  • Work closely with the HBA of Greater New Orleans in identifying other program funding opportunities to pursue and determine how we can best serve our targeted populations;
  • Serve as a clearinghouse in the growing energy efficiency and green building fields working with NAHB, the NAHB Research Center, the HBA of Greater New Orleans and other professional entities to educate, disseminate information, manage related programs, market these programs and pursue related funding;
  • Explore expansion of current relationships to educate the trades on energy efficiency and match such training with job placement;
  • Establish charitable giving practices in conjunction with the HBA of Greater New Orleans
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Current Projects:

Jefferson Joining Forces

The Jefferson Parish Department of Community Development has allocated Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and joins in partnership with the Jefferson Parish Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement and New Orleans Education League of the Construction Industry (NOEL).
Paid and/or donated labor and materials will be provided to make minor repairs of soffit, fascia, exterior painting and minor roof repairs to eligible owner-occupied properties. It may also include some other minor repairs to accessory structures. Once a code citation has been issued, the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement will refer the homeowner to the Department of Community Development if the following minimum criteria are met:

• Minimum 62 years of age, or
• Physically and/or mentally disabled (Supportive documentation will be required), and
• Citation based on MINOR repairs needed.
Once a referral is received, Community Development will contact the homeowner for program eligibility determination which is based on the following:
• Referral from Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement,
• Lack of financial, physical, or other resources to correct cited violations,
• Verifiable disability, and
• Meeting the Household income limit requirement (proof of income such as check stubs, bank statements, and Social Security Statements will be required)
1 person household max: $34,650
2 person household max: $39,600
3 person household max: $44,550
4 person household max: $49,500
5 person household max: $53,500